Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bent Lamination


  1. Bud, did you go with UniBond for a rigid glue line? I would think it would help in the spring back.
    Also, do you have a design already in mind and how are you compensating for the spring back in the design?
    I'll hang up and listen to your response :o)
    Great post Bud!!

  2. I used DAP Weldwood and there was almost no spring-back. The first try was originally just to test my form and see how much spring back there would be but it worked well enough to keep.

  3. Awesome, and the higher moisture level in the DAP Weldwood didn't seem to have any effect in a laminate situation. What is the rated open time on that?
    Btw..loved that you used the guides is a clever young man!!!

  4. Thanks Vic. The moisture didn't seem to affect anything. Open time varies with temperature and I can't remember the exact numbers right now, more than enough time though.